Someday they will appreciate all the pictures I take/have taken of us (I hope!)……

family quotes

My grandmother was always taking picture of everything and everyone and had boxes and boxes of pictures. I must have inherited the trait because I love taking pictures too. But I have things like blogs like this and facebook to put the pictures on to show people my family.

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Only way to make Brownies!

Only way to make Brownies!

I got this for my birthday last year and its the best way to make brownies! They are soft on the inside but you get the outer edge taste, which is my favorite part. Plus it makes them all nice and perfect when taking them somewhere for a potluck.
Now, I know this brownie post isn’t too great to put after I just started working out, which went pretty well the first time actually. But I’m experimenting with different brownie recipes for my sister in laws baby shower coming up. The first row of brownies is normal brownies, the middle row is chocolate chip brownies, and the last row of brownies have Hershey syrup and chocolate chips – Triple Chocolate.

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My favorite picture

I don’t know if I will ever find a picture I love better this one. This was taken the day we brought Cole home from the hospital. My friend Leigh took newborn pictures of Cole as her baby gift and she caught this amazing moment perfectly. I hope someday there is a picture of all 3 of my kids that I love but I think this will always have a special place in my house and my heart.

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No More Excuses….its C25K time

No excuses

I bet you thought my first picture would be of my kids or the family or even the St. Louis Cardinals. For my birthday this weekend my family got me running shorts and shirt and I got myself running shoes. Tomorrow I have my appointment after having my baby and I will hopefully get cleared to start exercising. On Friday I will plan on starting my couch to 5 K training.

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Hello world!

Hi! I am Tiffany and I’m a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful kids Will, Cole, and Abby. I’m a wife to Stanley, who I met on and got married to on 7-7-07. We live in Indiana but I am from St. Louis, MO.

In the past few years I’ve started several blogs about being a mom, cooking with kids, a journey to a new me, etc. I’m usually good at keeping up with it for a few weeks and then I forget about it. I want to change that.

If you ask any of my good friends they will say I’m always taking pictures and if you look at my facebook it is filled with pictures of family, friends, etc. I decided to put my pictures to good use and put them in a blog.

I don’t know if people will actually want to follow this blog and look at pictures of my life but I know I will enjoy looking back at these pictures in the future and hopefully my kids will too. I hope you enjoy this blog! Thanks for stopping by!

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